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Words in .jpg Format

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

I've been thinking, what else could I do to prevent this mind from becoming dull.
Well, if one (the one) read this, one must know where this title was inspired.
Well, again. You inspired me in a way.
Ah, thank Lord for being a mature human, at your age.
It was fun, it is fun, still.
And dear God, please grant him some speed in typing.
Though I shall admit, I do type fast but prone to make tons of typo (typing error).
Just on another note, I won't commit any typo if I was talking about serious matter.
For an example, I was trying hard to woo you?

let's heed an image below.


Since internet is super slow over exceeding usage of bandwidth,
Shall share the quote,
if one shall denote them as a quote,
even if they deserved to be called as a quote,
the point is,
random thing found over internet but I adore it so,
ended up saving the images and I'm sharing it's gem with humans.
(contemplating if bots would read this blog, ah, beggar can't choose!)


Above is one of the images saved because they are interesting.
Sometimes, being fickle does not mean one cannot make a choice but has a problem which would satisfy his needs or which would please people around.
If I were to justify being fickle over things.
But most of the times, 
I'd know what I want.
An example again, I would go bold by saying,
"I want you."
with a straight bitch resting face, expressionless cold tone... after 5 seconds one could find me running away because of shame.
But, what is courage?
Courage or Boldness?
Err, it depends. I don't know what sentences should I ramble to justify my random acts of boldness,
unfortunately the writer does wear her heart on sleeves.
One time confession is not enough? Enough?
Said an almost genius Kahlil Gibran, 

"Try, failed. Try harder, failed better.""Wait until you find someone who worth more than 3 tries."

giving me more points to ponder.
Hahha, I doooooo ponder a lot over your advises, *maybe*
Till this day, date and time.
I'm still wondering if I should give up or try harder.
Even though I did remark your opinions with,

"One must know when to quit."

To counter self defense,

"One will not quit if one worth it?"

*I'm puzzled honestly*
Being practical over things,
weighing in this age, where shall find such human that could intrigue me enough,
to fight but to reconcile later,
to sulk but to crawl back sooner,
to dote and to love better?

My almost endless rant point is,
I have a lot of words in .jpg format.
Maybe could enjoy eye feasting at art gallery?
(I've been dying to sight seeing at Balai Seni Negara since forever but until now have no reason)
Reason why images are more tempting than words?

"If I rely on words, I'll be moving or circling around the ideas of the words.""Gimme pictures, I could see thing in various point of views."

See? My perception is better if it appears in form of image or at least I could picture it in mind.
I'm good at building concepts in mind.
*Imagine Iron Man 3 during the mind mapping scene*
I claim mine is better. Kahkah!
Power of imagination, honey.
Decent imagination? Double Kahkah! 


Heh, siapa nak Ayat balik ???


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