The Other Side

Being Apologetic

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

I'm sorry.
My apology.
I apologize for ...

Honestly, I don't know.

Remember how the world make fun or adore Canadian's manner over being apologetic at almost every situation.
I'm no a Canadian but in my point of view,
to being rude or polite, it does not count what country you were born in, what colour of your skin may be tinted with, what race would you belong.
To own such manner, apologetic or not,
it comes from brought up of one's family,
if the family was broken,
the manner came from one's life principles as long as he breathe.

Yes, we could see how well behave a human become from a miserable household,
we could even see how bad a human turned out from a happy family,
we could see how an orphan ended up being a masked devil or winged angel.
Now we are about to reflect to see which categories we fall in.
Which is yours?

Advertisement: I was watching Berlari ke Bintang whilst typing this,
wow, oh, wow! That wife is a bitch!
Her husband and kid (Intan) are almost an angel.
A stingy judgemental bitch.
Now pray unmarried young lad, for you must find a decent wife to marry, not a bitch nor trophy wife.
Pray to God, till your knees hurt.
*I rarely watch Malay drama because of screwed up scripts, but this drama is good*
May God bless the production crews.

Getting back again,
which caterogy do I fall into?
I apologise too much.
I'm sorry for being me,
sorry that I hurted you,
my apology if my presence ever tilted your balanced world.
Silly enough to ask for human's forgiveness over being alive?
Am I an ungrateful servant of God?
Was I trying hard to please human over the Almighty?
Let those questions seep in deep in heart while repenting every mistakes I had done, or might do.
The sinner.
Subconciously following heart's desire, The Nafs.
Conciously following misguided brain, The Thinker.
What if I tell you, my ultimate escapism is sleep, Half Dead.
My soul would leave the body, the Jasad (body) would be incapable to add any sins into heavily darkened book of deed?
How one could be so sure by sleeping, one could escape making any sins?
Or at least one could hope his sleep turned into an Ibadah (The Deed)?
I don't know, sincerely I do not know.
I'm a human, for one could try (The Intention) to stop commit sins.
May God count my good will, and may He Erase and put halt to any evil will to others (The Makhluk).

Let me tell you,
never start your sentence with 'No offence',
because whatever words follow no offence, they will sound offensive.
Say what you want to say, apologise to them if to speak out your mind will cost you their forgiveness.
Thing that I loathe most is to feel indebted with human.
Thing that I afraid most is to hurt human's feeling if they would never forgive me.
Thing that I hope most is to have a family (if ever have any) that I could nurture us well at every high and low.
May Allah Ease.

Jaga Diri, Jaga Iman, Jaga Niat

:: Salam Satu Aqidah! ::

p/s: Should not step low to please human, should us?

Heh, siapa nak Ayat balik ???


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