The Other Side


Dear Love,

I have been refraining myself from logging in to Facebook for over a month.
You are married last year,
but I did send you regards and present.
I cannot stand to watch your event pictures spreading over the timeline.
My friends are some yours and vice versa.
Some of them are still in shocked why are we not together,
they shouldn't anyway.
Perhaps calling you Love is forbidden,
for the Darling is the one you have taken the vow and bound to, now.

Undearly you,

I'm sorry,
I did promise to attend your wedding,
we had that pact if either of us ever jump into the ship,
one must attend and cherish no matter how hard it is.
It feels like karma hitting me back,
remember the moving on CD mix I made you?
I can chew on that,
breaking up slowly from inside while putting a tough unbreakable facade.
It was my fault for not putting a fight and letting you go,
silly pride -- the only thing I can blame.
It was also your fault for... no.
You are innocent.


I'm sorry.
I hope you are happy.
Tell me when you get your first born,
that time around, I will definitely come and give your family a proper greeting.
I will come, with or without someone beside me.
Thank you for all these memories.

Sincerely (never) yours,
The one that run away.

Heh, siapa nak Ayat balik ???

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