The Other Side

Funny You, Funny Me and Mister Grumpy

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.


Thee shall interpret "You" to anyone,
and me shall denotes the Mister Grumpy, 
depends on what situation.
A lot of situations.

Funny you, Funny Me, Screw all the Mister Grumpy... =P

Funny you, Funny me. I don't take Hints, but you keep giving. Why?

Funny you, Funny Me. We both say nothing. Screw all Mister grumpy.

Funny you, funny me. We have run out all the screw. Mister Grumpy has escaped.

Funny you, Funny Me. Forget to nail the sarcasm deep in all Mister Grumpy.

Funny you, funny me. Why you believe what gibberish Mister Grumpy spoken?

Funny you, funny me. We might end up marrying different person. Just blame all on Mister Grumpy.

Funny you, Funny me. Is it true that you like me? Gossips from Mister Grumpy.

Funny you, funny me. Mister Grumpy will keep grumpily criticize us. Nail and screw them.

Funny you, funny me. We don't teleport, how are we supposed know what one feels?

Funny you, Funny me. I fall for the complement, while you fall for the brain. Oh, it's me fall for a brain,And you for a look? Mister Grumpy.

Funny you, Funny me. We can't always be there for each other. Mister Grumpy said. I admit, you were not there...

Funny you, Funny me. Do you smile like I do when we talk? Nope? Oh, I was talking to Mister Grumpy, not you...won't be there..

Funny you, Funny me. Our criteria are all contradict. Mister Grumpy suggest to move on.

Funny you, Funny me. I would go for your wedding, even the bride is not me. Mister Grumpy always be there to comfort me?

Funny you, Funny me. Cause I'll just give the best present on your weds, so the memories will rise up till you forget the bride. Mister Grumpy

Funny you, Funny me. Had been tired of waiting. Mister Grumpy said, we don't know the ending.

Funny you, Funny me. I hate you, but I keep coming, then you keep leaving? Mister Grumpy never said farewell...

Funny you, Funny me. I'm a hunter, are you a hunter or a split personality? Mister Grumpy is a hunter too. Interesting enough...

Funny you, funny me. I should really mean when I say I'm leaving and forgetting.

Funny you, Funny me. You deserve the nails and screws more than Mister Grumpy. He's never indecisive...

I'm sorry. It is pretty long.

Second Randomization...

Break the habit. 

Heh, siapa nak Ayat balik ???


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