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To Judge or Not To Judge | Friends

Hey honey.

There there.
I'm recapping last year convocation ceremony and I was attending it to meet my coursemate.
Not my coursemate only, anyone I knew who were graduating last year.
Came with my housemates; joyfully for them and having a bit a jealousy for not able to graduate with them.
Oh, please.
Am grateful, a fate is a fate, and my destiny is planned better by Him. That small piece of envy is normal. Not self destructing enough to feel inferior towards them.

Err, the point is,
Before entering the big glamourous Dectar hall, one of my housemate pointed out to me,

"Ya, tu kawan ang…"
"Eh, mana?" I asked because I was too lazy to put on spectacle.
"Tu, yang tudung labuh tu, kawan ang la tu kan?"
"Apsal asal tudung labuh je kawan aku?"
"Dah tu, kawan siapa lagi…".

Ohkay, there I was taken aback.

Err. The dialogue is getting there.
Bear with me, tend to lost in track.

What I'm trying to say is,
when people sometimes question me,
"Why are you not as pious as your friends?"
"Which friend?" If I may asked, try to pull an oblivious trick.

Now, here comes the thought. I see.
That friends.

My bestfriend from highschool told me, when I asked them that kind of question.
Nags her,
"You are happy go lucky inside, who can blame that."
Thank you, Love.

Admit a sinner,
Sinfully, a sinner in past and future.
Not that I'm planning to do any sinful act but,
As a human being,
I can't help myself commiting sin and my Imaan is up and down.
Not an angel nor a maksum messenger,

No, I don't have a very religious background.
Was a rebel, was a naughty kid, until this time,
Old habits die hard eyy.

Oh Gosh, please get to the point.
My point is, please don't compare my appearance or behaviour with the friends mentioned above.
Am a humble gato myself,
*Inself pleadful Puss in Boots here*
I have flaws, loads of them,
Some skeletons I kept them locked deep inside the closet.
Yeah, they prone to do a bloody rituals and curse a nightmare,
dragging present self into past.

A sinful me,
Trying hard to improve this thinning state of Imaan.

Yes, remind me if I seem was led astray,
Or too lagha *sounds Islamic huh?*
Choose a correct phrasing.
The outer facade doesn't come packaged with a hard rock inside.
Slow talk to me, honey.
Tell me what were wrongs.
For God sake,
Do what I wish for everyone you want to advice.
They will appreciate it.

A point to ponder, does your friends really reflect who you are?
Tell me.

Pen's down. Figuratively.

Heh, siapa nak Ayat balik ???


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