The Other Side

Dear you.

Remember when I laughed at you after you said you can't move on from your past love, or crush per se.
Yeah, I still laugh at it because in my point of view, that bloody guy does not deserve your attention at all, not a pinch.
And remember when I said, how good I am at tolerating my old interest and now I'm not feeling anything towards him?
Well, you can laugh at me back.
Hahaha. Silly me.
Trying so hard to appear like a tough lady, in front of you
Oh, I still remember, last semester final exam, how did I nag at you over a long phone call.
Why you should forget about that bloody guy. Of course I won't call him a man, I'm still pissed off at him, making my bestie miserable until now.
Silly brat. Pui.

Yeah, you may say, I'm not in your shoes and you are not me, that cold fickle big heart lady.
Yeah, you do know my stories, how long we've been knowing each other  pal?
7 years and counting.
I may be harsh on you whenever you asked for my opinion.
I did try the comforting method, but I don't know if you tolerate it well.
Because few weeks after that you came back to me with a shattered heart. That broken pieces again and again.
I'm sorry for I have hurted you last time we'd messages.
I'm not good at handling emotions, and you know sulking with me would be fruitless.
I rarely crawl back to people.
Sorry, I regret what I have done.
This hard little icy friend of yours.

Oh, pertaining of you can laugh at me.
There was this quote, I found over the internet.

And you-know-who-I-talked-about,
Nah, maybe I can only let if go once he married someone else.
The bride is not me. That's I'm certain.

Erm, my apology for I had hurt you? I did, didn't I.

Heh, siapa nak Ayat balik ???


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