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An Uptight Lady

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.


It's going to be an English rant version of an article or an entry to make it less formal.
Warning, I might break any writing rules (article) if any.

What is an uptight lady? One must not mistaken uptight with a stuck up.
To answer the latter, I would suggest all of you to watch a movie entitled Easy A, there is a character called Marianne. That kind of person would explain to you well what a stuck up lady is.
In the viewer point of view, she may appear stuck up in term of religious act and piety.

An uptight character usually built over time.
The miracle does not happen in a blink of eyes because you could confuse about being uptight with a woman's mood swing. Blame the hormones once a month or just blame the individual to throw her tantrum as long as she lives.

Uptight people have principles. Rarely being indecisive and always know what she wants.
Like a chant I used to adore and always a dear to heart is,

"Play hard, work hard."

Those four words could simply said, when she is in game

 "Game is on, baby! Come cry to me after I beat you."

During any serious discussion or work, she would put her mind and focus on it. This sound too workaholic, but that is just how she rolls. She would appear unplayful and totally sober to get her job done. As if she was stranded in a desert, while wandering for a town to settle then ease her thirst, along the journey she found an oasis but the town was 100 meters away from the oasis.
What do you think she would do?
Has a quick pit stop to quench the thirst or walk straight into town?
Well, an uptight lady would have no halt and keep walking to the town. Her target is the town; quenching thirst is not the aim, a sub-aim perhaps.
To some people, "What a ridiculous person she is!" kind of thought might arise right now as you may think, there is no harm to stop and get some drink.
But, before you decide to ridicule her decision, she could concentrate better at her objective instead of led astray (the oasis).

Why an uptight character built over time?
It is because of the way she was brought up and what kind of environment she has grew out. Is she from a lay-back family, a less strict family or a strict-to-core kind of family? The intermediate is the one, of course.
When you stumble upon an uptight lady, it does not mean she is always a dead pan serious. No. She has principles (reminder!), thus she has a stance. A striker maybe and could be your pain the arse opponent if ever encountered in fight.
Imagine to rule over a tough cookie. Somehow, a cookie is a cookie with her soft spot and sweetness. Just need right solution to melt down.
All hail guys, the one that able to melt this kind of lady instead of feeling intimidated by her personality. For those who cannot, a pure condolence since being uptight is a persona.
(Sounds bias here)

Above descriptions are quite heavenly and here comes the hell side of her.
To be intimidated by others is not a nice feeling. The other people may perceive her as a no fun human to hang or work with.
Common argument,

"Why can't you have some fun while doing things?"

"She is so serious; don't crack a joke at a wrong time."

"She is bossy!"

The last comment is hurtful. She could be a good leader instead of getting insulted by snide bossy remark. 
Play hard, work hard honey. Play with me when there is a game to participate. I would be the most joyful playmate, err, minus some competitive traits.
A lady she is, sometimes, this kind of uptight lady decided she would rather be a follower than a leader or a boss. She is afraid of crossing limit during directing any activity as a head.
Let me ask you again, will not this kind of talent the lady have would be wasted since she decided to step down and give ways to other lad to do the leading job?

What kind of leader would you love to have?
A dilly-dallier or a head in the game one kind of leader would you prefer? Do not you think her talent is squandered?
Be a wise, please do not feel intimidated if the wrong doers are you; clash of interests within an organization.
God, how I wish people could voice out their opinion and able to make a decision without stirring muddy water.

A confession, the writer is an uptight person.
Need no penny for this thought. 


Heh, siapa nak Ayat balik ???


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