The Other Side

How To Put This? Na Na Na...

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Just feeling like ranting in the middle of night.
Instead of re-write the clinical clerkship and submit it tomorrow.
After marathon-ing the Fifth Season of Big Bang Theory until 18 Episode.
My day sure is a bit or quite unproductive.

Whatever the yada- yada is.
This thought has been in my mind since the obvious is getting obvious.
Redundant much?
It is just how the situation keep happening.
For I have been an ignorant to acknowledge it before.

To put it simply,
the Image below could explain it better.

Yup, the friendship could be fragile,
sometime they are fragile.
Even some said,
as you grow older,
the chances of getting real friend are not so promising,
as the mask of hypocrisy is thickening with own's importance.

How should I put this in words.
Do not know whether it is about awkwardly behave or the act of picky in having a social bonding.
Or the personality split?
Ha ha.
I have never met a person who can ignore a person or a bunch of friends just because she is now having a friend that she fonder of next to her?
I just realize know I know one!

Gosh, never realize this until one of my house guest point it out.
And experience of having conversations with the wall and wind when that person not responding to my words.
For not noticing this makes me as an ignorant or having an impression of that's the way she rolls.
Or Husnu-zhon in the least that I could do as a Muslim for Friendship?
Haa, other situation is acting like not seeing you even we both passed by each other an inch away or stuck in the elevator.
Sure things are funny.

I don't know what her preference is as an ideal type of friend,
but one I resent most is,
habit of having one's to herself only.

Yada- yada.
Whatever it is.
Girls are never off dramas.
Getting ignored, forgotten, isolated, left out...
or do the stuff above to others is not cool.

Sincerity in friendship?
May all of us reach Itqan..

p/s: it is quite tiring for you to always make the first move to keep the contact. 

Heh, siapa nak Ayat balik ???


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