The Other Side

Existential Crisis

Cheshire cat

How does it feel to doubt your presence in this world?
Neglecting possibilities of having multi or parallel universe,
one's diminished presence shall not affect another I suppose.

I hope this may not sound suicidal,
but if a person is allowed to kill only a soul,
he may has killed himself first before anyone else.
If murdering people is legit, human kind shall face extinction way before dinosaurs.
What is a human race without religion or guidance in life?
The only creation created with wit to compensate his doings.

Shall I ask again?
How does it feel to doubt your presence in this world till you asked for an early death?
Till you wonder what would happened if you were not in the picture?
What would even change if you were not around?

A dear friend told me,
"It is easier to leave than being left."

Sure, ditto to that.
It may be easier to leave; so many 'lost' souls had decided to die in his own hand.
Though one shall argue,
one shall not die it God do not allow it or one time hasn't come yet.
Jumping off 15 storeys building to ended up paraplegic.
Slitting throat to ended up in a vegetative state until one's real death.

It feels funny to contemplate why am I alive or still alive or why am I even born.
Does anyone has thought of this even once?
I don't want to be an odd ball.
*chuckling over agitation*
Sound like I hit the deepest abyss of depression.

This is weird,
I do not know how to continue this,
just want to ask an absurd question maybe.

It is easier to leave...

Jaga Diri, Jaga Iman, Jaga Nyawa Itu Amanah

:: Salam Satu Aqidah! ::

p/s: blame yourself first before blaming others till it crucifies your soul. Nah, am joking.

Heh, siapa nak Ayat balik ???


Anonymous said...
July 10, 2015 at 11:48 PM

Yeay! Old hag is back! ;-)

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